The battle of rappers dates back to 2014. AKA claims it started because of the things Cassper was saying on Twitter.


It all began with a tweet. In April of 2014, Cassper Nyovest claimed that his song “Doc Shebeleza” was the biggest song in South African hip-hop. So when AKA took to Twitter to promote his new single, “Congratulate,” he took the opportunity to throw low-key shade at Cassper.

In a now deleted tweet, he wrote: “There’s a rapper running around saying he got the biggest song in the country … I challenge you to find his song in the iTunes Top 100.”

At the time, “Congratulate” was number one on South Africa’s iTunes charts.

Over the next months, things got intense with both rappers tweeting and subtweeting each other about how much bigger their song was than the other.


The beef between former besties AKA and Cassper Nyovest reached new heights in 2015. We thought they had put their beef behind them in 2015, but in August Cassper accused AKA of slapping him, and then both of them release diss tracks.


Like the saying goes‚ practice makes perfect and in 2016 — after several hits and misses — Cassper and AKA finally made peace when Supa Mega congratulated on filling up Orlando Stadium, with fans suggesting that they take on FNB stadium together.


While Cassper and AKA were for the most part civil in 2017, sparks started flying as Cassper endeavoured to #FillUpFNBStadium. Cassper campaigned hard to sell tickets for the 2 December concert, and the struggle was real. The ‘Mama I Made It’ hitmaker spoke openly about the money he invested, and the difficulties he had securing sponsors.

However, it was fellow rapper AKA’s offer to perform at the concert — for a cool R1 million — that really grated him.

Cassper, however, gracefully declined AKA’s offer and encouraged the rapper to “just buy a ticket, broer”.

During an interview at the time, Cassper said there were multiple ways rappers could support each other, but a collaboration between him and AKA was “unnecessary” because their relationship was “not genuine”.


2018 saw the continuation of the on-going beef, most which played out on the Twitter streets, but back in June AKA apparently wanted to get physical with Cassper at AKA’s ‘Touch My Blood’ after party.

This was also the month Cassper said the two would never reconcile, which has so far proven true.

Over the weekend Cassper took to Twitter to thank his fans for his success when a tweep decided to tell Cassper to thank AKA too. But Mufasa wasn’t having it, and swiftly replied: “You better put down the Nyaope”.

20th to 21st September
– AKA and Cassper Nyovest subtweet each other over vodka

Cassper and AKA were involved in a Twitter war again and this time around it was the battle of the vodka ambassadors, with AKA throwing the first punch

AKA shared snaps from his latest watermelon flavoured Cruz Vodka shoot on Thursday, and mentioned that he makes money off every bottle and spoke to the brand’s
executives about expanding the Cruz Vodka family.

“Every time you buy a bottle of @Cruzvodka 🍉 you put money DIRECTLY in my pocket. Thank You. PLEASE put pressure on these other brands operating in OUR COUNTRY to
empower our people”, AKA tweeted.

“Last night I spoke to the bosses at the shoot. I told them it’s time we start thinking about extending the CRUZ family … Who y’all think we should add to the team??

However, despite AKA blatant flexing, the tweet that raised eyebrows was the not so subtle jab directed at Nyovest’s partnership with Ciroc.

AKA said it’s a “shame” that other “brands will fly you half-way around the world for you to take photos next to people who don’t care about you, instead of them
giving you a slice of their business”

“What a damn shame! These other brands will fly you half way around the world for you to take photos next to people who don’t care about you, instead of them giving
you a slice of their business … what a scam.”, AKA further stated.

Mufasa’s fans quickly alerted him to AKA’s post, Cassper then swiftly responded with a subtweet of his own, and said: “Let’s not do the Boss talk Niggas. Not with me. Ownership chats? With me? Nah but look, My artist is dropping her single tomorrow , it’s titled #YassBitch . She’s one of the most booked acts in the country. We build brands round here. Family Tree!!! ALL DAY!!!, he tweeted.

Cassper then threw another jab at the Kiernan by tweeting a video which he captioned with the following text “They can try copy it but they can’t do it like me. Let’s go see what Milan is saying!!! Monate Mpolaye #NoStylist” implying that AKA tries to copy his style. { VIDEO : https://twitter.com/casspernyovest/status/1042818697130401792 }

Nyovest then reminded his fans that they shouldn’t worry about their enemies, “If there’s one person you don’t have to worry about, it’s your enemy. He always knows
how far you are. If you’re gonna explain yourself or use your energy, use it on your fans. Explain yourself to those who love you. Your enemy knows your power & your
gift better than your fans”, he tweeted.