Cassper Nyovest Buys His Entire Squad Brand New Samsung Galaxy Phones

Cassper Nyovest Buys His Entire Team Brand New Samsung Galaxy Phones

Cassper Nyovest has bought his squad brand new Samsung Galaxy smart phones.

This week Cassper Nyovest did another good deed as he went and bought smart phones for all members of his entire crew of course including his longtime and best friend Carpo.

Cassper Nyovest shared the good news with fans on his various official social media platforms which include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

He handed out the smart phones to his squad members at his home that is located in in Kyalami, Johannesburg and among the recipients was Carpo who at the time was in the living room watching television.

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Carpo was so happy and he immediately thanked Cassper Nyovest for blessing him with this new gadget especially at the beginning of this new year / decade.

Cassper Nyovest then advised Carpo to make sure he begins picking up his phone whenever it rings, this is due to the fact that Carpo has a habit of not answering his phone when it rings most of the times.

And talking about Carpo’s habit of not answering his phone most of the times, Cassper Nyovest’s manager Tlee Moiloa revealed that this left Cassper Nyovest unimpressed by his friend’s habit. Cassper Nyovest then decided to block Carpo’s phone number, then Carpo also blocked Cassper Nyovest’s phone number and as a result these two best friend talk via other people’s phones.

Well back to the brand new phones, Cassper Nyovest has shared a video clip of Carpo’s reaction immediately after receiving his gift.

Watch Carpo’s reaction after receiving his brand new phone from Cassper Nyovest;

Below are some of the comments from Cassper Nyovest’s fans on social media;

Twitter user @SiyabongaMthiy1 from Johannesburg commented by tweeting: Wish I was part of the Squad at this moment and time.

Twitter user @TonyTheBank1 commented by writing: Remembering your true homies is a rare virtue. Kudos Mufasa.

Twitter user Morongoa Moroasi commented by writing: It was my birthday yesterday, so can I have it as my late birthday present… Phela I’m the only one in the squad without it.

Twitter user @KingSwagga1793 commented by writing: “Shout Out To You Dawg, constantly Considering Your Bros In Your Everything Am Feeling Inspired”.

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Another Twitter user Sebola Gobusamang from Onverwacht commented writing: Lmao Carpo is the hard to get one!!! He doesn’t answer phone calls but reply on tweets!!! @Carpo_mr_ can I have your Note 9 please.

Twitter user @NetsiandaKing from Johannesburg commented by writing: I’m also one of your biggest fan outta here can I at least get one please.

Instagram user Koketjo Mabotha commented by writing: The smile on his face says it all.

Instagram user Gugue Nyathi commented by writing: God bless you Cassper Nyovest.

Another Instagram user siphosakhe mapo commented by writing: “Can I get mine too why I’m excluded from the Squad.


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