Cassper Nyovest helps a disabled man attend ‘Fill Up Royal Bafokeng’ without a ticket

Cassper Nyovest helped a disabled man to enter Royal Bafokeng stadium and attend Fill Up Royal Bafokeng without a ticket.

Cassper Nyovest helped a disabled man from Rustenburg whose name is ‘Tshepang Masibi’ to enter Royal Bafokeng stadium and attend the ‘Fill Up Royal Bafokeng‘ show even when this man had no ticket.

This all happened on Sunday, December 15, 2019 just a few hours before the show started when this disabled man tweeted:

Since tickets are sold out, why must people living with disability pay at your event? Bro this is not fair. I’m at Gate 11 since in the morning and they refuse to let me in.

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Well this man had no ticket for the show because he simply did not purchase one and he had tried to enter Royal Bafokeng Stadium at ‘Entrance 11’ which was designated for only artists/musicians.

A few minutes later Cassper Nyovest saw Tshepang Masibi’s tweet and replied to it with:

I feel like this is emotional blackmail but I’ll still help you. Next time, just ask nicely bro, Don’t use your disability to make us look bad when we did nothing wrong. Check Dm. Let’s get you inside so you enjoy the show. Let’s #FillUpRoyalBafokeng with love.

Tshepang Masibi the disabled man that Cassper Nyovest helped to enter Royal Bafokeng stadium and attend Fill Up Royal Bafokeng without a ticket
Tshepang Masibi the disabled man that Cassper Nyovest helped to enter Royal Bafokeng stadium and attend Fill Up Royal Bafokeng without a ticket.

And following Cassper Nyovest’s good deed of accepting to help this man and let him inside Royal Bafokeng Stadium even without a ticket, fans praised Mufasa for his good heart and handling the situation nicely. some fans on the other hand were not happy with this with majority of them accusing this disabled man for emotionally blackmailing Cassper Nyovest.

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Below are some fans who praised Cassper Nyovest for helping this man;

Twitter user ‘Zakia Namane’ from Ladybrand town in the Free State province tweeted;

@casspernyovest’s humbleness forever blows me away You true living Legend.

Twitter user ‘Mthethwa Faith’ tweeted;

Boss move, but he shouldn’t use his disability as an excuse to get things. He was suppose to purchase his ticket on time and stop this nonsense, he’s not entitled to everything. Thank u Mufasa, u have a good heart mine bengingeke ngimunike ma ticket.

Twitter user ‘Mlungisi Mbuyisa’ from Benoni ,Gauteng tweeted;

From today onwards I’m a cassper fan as well, what an amazing and an inspirational dude you are @casspernyovest. I love both Mega and you, the beef blinded me. Congrats for today king!!!.

Twitter user ‘Boitumelo kele’ from Cape Town tweeted;

Thank you King, God bless you more.

Twitter user ‘Dipela Lydia’ from Pretoria tweeted;

You are such a nice guy Refiloe,you are not even questioning if the guy Is lying or not. God is still going to bless you wena.

Twitter user ‘Womi’ from Nigeria tweeted;

The only south African artiste I love, You’re so kind and humble. Jah bless you always. With so much love from Naija.

And below are some fans who were not happy with this disabled man’s behaviour.

Twitter user ‘Joy Zelda’ with handle @Joy-Zelda tweeted;

First of all,Why should he be allowed Free entrance,cos his disabled doesn’t make sense at all,Its an event and you should have bought an ticket like everybody else,it was never said people living with disability will enter FREE.

Twitter user ‘Thato Yaone’ tweeted;

Why buying ticket today knowing your challenges…. I won’t be surprised hearing you stood up and walk after getting entry.

Twitter user ‘Buhle Mafani’ from Cape Town tweeted;

Imagine after this tweet how many will come in Crutches and wheelchairs.

Twitter user ‘Thuso Ramaloko’ from Durban tweeted;

Don’t give him anything until he learn to ask nicely… This is wrong in many levels”

Twitter user ‘Floyd Nkuna’ from Pretoria tweeted;

He should have bought a ticket long ago. This ain’t cool… haai.

Twitter user ‘Mongezi Magagula’ from Johannesburg tweeted;

So being disabled makes him feel entitled to free things? You cant accept such behaviour Bro it’s pure nonsense, if the handicap were not being catered for then that’s a different story…but this is nonsense.

The next morning on Monday, December 16, 2019, the disbaled man ‘Tshepang Masibi’ from Rustenberg who Cassper had helped enter the Fill Up Royal Bafokeng show without a ticket took to Twitter where he apologised to Cassper Nyovest and his entire management for causing drama at ‘entrance 11’ of Royal Bafokeng stadium that was designated for only artists.

Tshepang Masibi tweeted;

I want to take this time and apologize to @casspernyovest and his management for a drama i caused yesterday but also greatful that they let me In for free so I can celebrate the day I got injured. @casspernyovest issa legend #FillUpRoyalBafokengStadium

And because Cassper Nyovest is a good guy, he simply replied to Tshepang Masibi’s tweet with;

We live and we learn, takes a real man to apologize. Glad you got to see the concert. Love leads. See you next year, ene o sa emela di last minute, lol. You’re a legend bro!!! #FillUpRoyalBafokeng #FillUpRoyalBafokengStadium

And once again Mufasa’s fans had something to say about Cassper’s reply to Tshepang Masibi’s apology, below are some responses of fans to Cassper’s reply to Tshepang Masibi’s apology.

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Twitter user ‘Sipho Ntobela’ from Umlazi tweeted;

He’s really a legend for what he did, not many would pull that stunt.

Twitter user ‘Thuso Sbai Phelwane’ from Lomanyaneng Mafikeng tweeted;

That “you are a legend brah” I see what you did there cass.

Twitter user ‘Xolani Nxumalo’ from Oslo Beach tweeted;

Wakhula boyzin… I like the way you handled this.

Twitter user ‘Cindy Zwide’ tweeted;

I cannot believe he did that, wow love leads indeed he is insanely in love with you Nyovi #FillUpRoyalBafokengStadium was a bomb

Twitter user ‘Thandile Bee’ tweeted;

From this tweet and onwards- U have earnes my support and love.

Twitter user ‘Lobese Thulani’ from East London, South Africa tweeted;

Cass you’re a boss bro. You’re one of the guys I respect in the industry.

Twitter user ‘Mrs Miagi’ from Johannesburg tweeted;

This was his plan vele. I wonder what stunts he’ll pull next year. Anyway, well done Cas!

So what do you think about this good deed from Cassper Nyovest? Please share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.

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