Cassper Nyovest’s Multi-Task Van

Cassper Nyovest is the first South African recording musician in general and rapper in particular to first own a multi-task van.

Cassper Nyovest’s personalized and customized van can actually do a lot of things especially when Cassper is touring the country or neighbouring countries like Botswana and Namibia.

The van contains a double bed where Cassper can have rests during a long journey or in between shows.

Cassper once spoke about the bed inside his van “Only time I get to sleep is in between shows“.

Cassper can also use his van as a stage especially when he goes to perform at a gig and there’s actually no stage.

In fact there was a day Cassper went to perform in Mpumamlanga and there wasn’t any stage despite the stadium being packed to the brim, he then decided to perform on top of his van after tweeting the message below:

“Just got to Elukwatini Stadium in Mpumamlanga and its packed to the brim but there is no stage. The sound is on top of a truck. Fuck it, I’m performing on top of my bus!!! This is gonna be an epic show!!! Haole monate“ He wrote on Twitter.

“Last night I got to a gig at Elukwatini stadium in Mpumalanga & there was no stage so I performed on top of my bus. I will stop at nothing!!! It’s the take over!!! @bashvision took an epic picture to document this moment. Haole Monate“ Cassper continued explaining about his performance in Mpumamlanga.

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