Cassper Nyovest’s Family Members

This page is for anyone who wants to know more information about Cassper Nyovest‘s family. Mr. Abuti Fill Up makes sure that all of his family are good and he must do a great job, because you never hear any of his family talk negative about him (which happens a lot with celebrities and their families).

You can view more info on Cassper Nyovest‘s parents, siblings and grandparents below.

Letsebela Phoolo is the father of Refiloe Maele Phoolo also known as Cassper Nyovest while Muzuki Rebecca Phoolo is the mother. She gave birth to him on December 16th,

Cassper Nyovest’s Grandmother (his mother’s mother) passed away in 2015.

Cassper’s Grandmother (his father’s mother) is still alive.

– Cassper Nyovest’s grandfather who was a successful businessman originated from Lilongwe, Malawi into South Africa in search for a better life, it was in South Africa that he married a coloured girl and had eight children, one of whom is Cassper’s mother ‘Rebecca Phoolo’.

In the past Cassper has revealed how his grandfather used to tell the family that he had to walk on foot all the way from Malawi to South Africa. However during his first visit to Malawi, Cassper had a motivational talk with Zingwangwa Secondary School students to whom he admitted that he still does not believe his grandfather was telling the truth when he said he walked on foot from Malawi to South Africa. Sadly Cassper’s Grandpa passed away.

Cassper Nyovest has three siblings, two sisters and one brother who passed away.

Thuto Phoolo
She is Cassper’s elder sister and he named his third studio album “Thuto” in dedication to her, whose birthday coincide with the album’s release date.

In the past, Cassper has revealed that he had misunderstandings with Thuto during their childhood. Mufasa revealed that he always didn’t get along with his sister Thuto because his ego wouldn’t let him be treated as a little brother by someone who was only one year older than him. But that is not the case anymore, the two have made up and are happy siblings.

In an emotional Instagram post, Nyovest spoke about his relationship with Thuto and said:

“#Thuto is my elder sister’s name and I decided to drop the album on the 7th of May cause it’s her birthday. We grew up hating each other because my ego wouldn’t let me be treated as a little brother by someone who was only one year older than me. It’s crazy cause right now, she’s literally like my Mom.

“Takes care of me and my friends at the crib and I don’t know what I would do without her nurturing and how she makes my house feel homely. She has brought so much sanity into my life ever since she moved in with us and I realized how much I actually can’t live without family.

“Making this album was very difficult cause I was sooo jaded and my sister was the person that reminded me of who I was as a kid and why I started rapping. That’s why I named the album after her. She also helped me pick the picture for the album cover shot by the legendary @jonathanmannion who has 8 Jay Z album covers to his name. Can’t wait to share it with you. Save the date (sic)”

Cassper has also revealed his sister Thuto’s admiration for American superstar Common.
During his visit to America to perform at the One Africa Music Festival in New York where he also had an interview on the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM, Cassper bumped into Thuto’s crush “rapper and actor Common” in New York. He would then go on and ask Common to send a shout out to Thuto in a video clip that he later shared on Instagram.

Tsholofelo Phoolo
Tsholofelo is Cassper Nyovest’s younger sister and he named his debut music album “Tsholofelo” after her.
The idea to name the album after his younger sister came after she gave Cassper her allowance for him to relocate to Johannesburg with, and in the past Mufasa was quoted saying: “At the time, I had just quit everything and I didn’t have the money to travel and come to Jo’burg to hustle. Ever since that day it has always been about making sure that her sacrifice was not in vain.”

Khotso Phoolo
He was Cassper Nyovest’s only brother and sadly he passed away in 2003 (May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace), Mufasa says that his music career as a rapper was inspired by his brother, Khotso Phoolo who was also a rapper.