Mmangwane Lyrics

Artist: Cassper Nyovest
Album: Refiloe
Year: 2015

[Verse 1]
Some niggas do it for the power
Some niggas do it for the zaka
I’m just trying to take
My mama to the MAMAs
I’m just trying to show
My mama the Bahamas
I’m just trying to be
Something that she proud of
I just wanna be as rich as Donald Trump
And i really thank god
That i grew up with a father
That nigga taught me well
He taught me that when a man cry
That don’t make him a sucker
You just gotta wipe your tears
And you try this shit again
And you show this motherfuckers
Now I graduated to the Hala
And i ain’t fucking with the summers
Nigga i done went Platinum
I’m doing pretty well
For a fucking newcomer
Oh, you think we don’t see you
Think the people will believe you
Nigga you can go ahead
And fake everything that you really think you need to
Nigga we go be alright
Nigga we go be alright
Nigga we go be alright
Nigga we go be alright
I don’t think i get the point
Of what I’m trying to do, Yeah
So now go ahead and do me
Why, u think i will do, yeah

Mangwane, Mangwane
Mpulele, Mpulele
Ke nela ke pula
Mangwane, Mangwane
Mpulele, Mpulele
Ke nela ke pula
Eh Mangwane
Mangwane Mpulele

[Verse 2]
Fuck it, i might as well start beef
Might as well give them hell on Earth like my beef
Might as well keep it real
As long as my heart beat
The is only one Mayweather but many Pakis
All you niggas is runnin ups
Sucking up to the sucker
That threw a sucker punch
When niggas greet you
Even though they hate you, hey you
I surpass career and my debut
The real reason that i won’t fall
Baby i can take your number but I won’t call
Because i am too busy making jesus
Let me kinda’s money we shy, move on swiftly
Ok, back to the lame fucks
Who you think you fooling cause it ain’t us
I swear the next time
We in the same turf
Niggas would get dropped like names on the game burst
Its new shit but its same old, same old
Niggas rapping like they hate worse
Everybody got a plack but they fake though
Only niggas that reign gold is me and …
Is me and makhado
I might just scream back the lotto
Maybe i’mma see a lago
Ke lapile ke ntwana tse tsa megato
Life’s good, i used to be suicidal
Shout out to my mama for the bible
I used to do this for survival
You ain’t up on this, kleva nigga, haibo
Au’ngeke ngeke sibali… (end)

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