Top Floor (LifeWasNeverTheSame) Lyrics

Artist: Cassper Nyovest
Album: Thuto
Year: 2017

Sha Sha tle muna. E muna Cassper, [?] Bona, Cassper! Sha Sha Daa!

Ye’ tsang? Keng Maan? Sha Sha!

Dog, Did you cava the sera langadas
She’s really looking like a spura maluda 2001
Dog, I just want to take her to the 12th floor
But I don’t think I’ve got the government coinslidis
I’m trying to hit up my briolis
The Origilidus, You can release the coins
Dog, I’m trying to take it to the top floor
Cav is the babies
Deleling the briolis
Dog, they don’t want me to take out the coinslidus
But I don’t want to take out the cons
Is that the big baby telling me she’s pregnadi
But now I’m like what must can happeniolus
So she’s like ey, take out the conslidus
Otherwise you gonna be a step father
I ain’t gonna be a step father
No, no, no
Ey dog, ey it’s too much, dog
It’s really tough at the top, man
But it’s worse at the bottom
You know, you never wanna smell the bottom
Never ever smell the bottom
We just smelling the top floor mafiozo bro
Mhhh, That way
But now tell me uncle Donna Viollis man
Why don’t you wanna skittel that suitlada
Come on man
They must bell you the next day
And they must like
“Ey, I see you Donna Viollis”
You really took it to the 12th floor
Maybe the 18th floor
Mina ngiz’ blomelle with a spura maluda ’98
You need to tsenel them so they can bell you tomorrow
You must tsenel this sicklidis
They must with scriolus
It’s too much

It’s too much I can’t go there

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