Single For The Night Lyrics

Artist: Cassper Nyovest (featuring WizKid)
Album: Tsholofelo Platinum Edition
Year: 2014

Chorus: Cassper Nyovest & Wizkid]
Stay fresh in my Timber
Got 2 piece ya Dickies, you with me
Recognize when a bad man single
Whenever I’m single for the night
I like to party (I got her feeling single for the night
She likes it naughty (See whenever I’m single for the night)
I like to party (Got her, I got her feeling single for the night)
She likes it naughty (Say abashwe, abashwe, abashwe, abashwe, abashwe)

[Verse 1]
Man everyday is a show though,
They scream and I’m passing,
The combo, low-key, high fashion,
I don’t say much, they mack with compassion,
Rich bitch, we left in her Aston,
Always got the baddest bitches and my miss,
She ain’t a golddigger but she glad that I’m rich,
Put a Rose Gold Datejust on my wrist,
None of you skanks can fuck with my bitch,
Go to London, quick stop in Qatar,
As’ lal, as’ lal, as’ khathal’,
Askies love, ngicela uk’ buza my love,
How many of y’all can fit in my car, cause I


[Verse 2]
Baby girl asked where I be,
I said Malawi, Muli bwanji,
Shoutout to megwanthi ya Pitori,
Shoutout to the shorties ba Mamelodi,
I’m a good guy, who like doing bad things,
I go all out just to get the most cash in,
I like big cheques, small waist, big ass,
Do you dig that? Ikatumetse dintshe,
I want you on all fours, in a big Benz,
Got no time for small talk,
I’m a big deal, like boardrooms and cufflinks,
This is C-A, double the boy you fuck with (Eh wena)


[Verse 3]
I just call a couple broads and the weed man,
Bout to lose a couple grands and some semen,
Thick women going skinny-dipping
Presidential rollie on my wrist,
Man my swag is on some Billy Clinton,
We really winning, few some girls down from Trinidad,
I’ve never met a girl who told me that she had a man,
My homie asked me how I do it, I say “Hey, sheba fela, sheba fela, sheba fela wena”
Your girl with us doing things that you won’t like,
She do it for the Louis V and Zanotti,
And everytime me come around, she start to fight with you,
She be acting hella spicy like jollof rice


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